Levi Stubbs

21 Jan

I am in love with Levi Stubbs.
I love so much his awkward and subtle dance moves: so small and effectual. His smile and his lip-biting delight me to squeals. I appreciate his classic soul delivery and emoting, the uncomfortable way he holds his microphone…

“You’re sweet as a honey bee, but like a honey bee stings, you’re gonna left my heart in pain..”

what i’m loving

19 Jan
      • My espresso machine – it makes the best coffee
      • this song
      • getting in the car, because Use Your Illusion 2 is always playing in there.
      • the japanese game show that is getting from the chicken house, across the icy driveway to the house, with my pockets full of eggs
      • whiskey
      • clean socks
      • Letterkenny Season 2

some things i don’t like

17 Jan
  • capital letters and the implication that i should use them. it feels oppressive to me and makes me want to rebel.
  • people who make a big deal about getting a bill instead of change back when they pay for something. just take the change. it’s still money and it is the polite thing to do!
  • misuse of pronouns
  • perfume – especially patchoulli...the most vile smell on earth
  • christians
  • cops
  • any purple-hued lipstick
  • drip coffee
  • when you open your last avocado and it is already rotten…
  • hotmail. it’s the worst…but not as worst as fucking gmail, and so i keep it.
  • waiting


16 Jan

That’s what I’m talking about.

15 Jan

I think you know where that comes from, guitar, c’mon.


13 Jan

Duff McKagan’s solo album is so awful. So awful. It is unlistenable, even to to me…but i still try sometimes…flinching. And for baby jesus’ sake, don’t even mention the newmetal-tinged, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails-emulating second solo album, Beautiful Disease. Though moments still delight me…lines like: “And then sometimes I take a walk…down by the power lines…somewhere I can be alone.” LOL. So very Duff!

Remember when he declared in a very Michael Scott-type way that he basially was the bandHe is “the conductor”. Bejesus, i love this ridiculous little baby man. Ridiculous as he is, there is still the perfect So Fine.

12 Jan

I don’t know how on earth i found a grown dog who has the exact same personality as i. I didn’t teach her – she came this way.

We want to love the shit out of the people who matter to us and we don’t want to have to be nice to the others. We don’t want insincere pets or conversations.   We’re pretty good alone most of the time, but we want to be a part of a team when it counts. We are tough and independent – we probably don’t need your help…we will walk for 6 hours straight without complaining if that is the plan. We are very romantic about the people we are connected to. We come across as bitchy or stoic, but are really very excited about life. If cornered, we will fight our way out…we are fierce and can go from bunny to wolverine in 3 seconds.