my favourite moment in Mad Men

26 Oct

After 7 years, Roger and Peggy finally spend some time alone together…

Peggy: What are you doing here?
Roger: I told Caroline I wanted to pack my personal things, which I will eventually do. As soon as  I figure out why she thought my bar wasn’t personal.
Peggy: Did you try Don’s office?
Roger: All I found was lighter fluid. I’m not there yet.
Peggy: Mine’s gone.
Roger: I don’t want to go to a bar. I did that yesterday. Listen, sweetheart, if you don’t mind (reaches into his pocket)…
Peggy: I’m not running an errand. I have to go to McCann.
Roger: …three days ago.
Peggy: They screwed up my office! It – it doesn’t matter. They’re finally ready.
Roger: I’d do it for you.
Peggy: Would you drink vermouth?
Roger: …yes, I’m afraid I would.

(drinking red vermouth in an office empty of furniture)

Peggy: We had our drink…you clearly don’t need help. You need an audience.
Roger: McCann made you wait. You can make them wait.
Peggy: I’m…not enjoying this.

(Roger hands Peggy this picture)

Peggy: Oh my god! What is this?
Roger: It’s an octopus pleasuring a lady. It was Cooper’s. It was in his office forever.
You can have it. You can put it in your office.
Peggy: No! They won’t take me seriously.
Roger: That’s pretty serious. It’s 150 years old.
Peggy: You know I need to make men feel at ease.
Roger: Who told you that?
So, now I gave you something. You can sit tight and keep me company.

(Peggy picks up her vermouth is resignation)

Roger: You think you’re going to have fun like this over there?
Peggy: This is more attention than I have ever gotten from you.



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