some things about chickens…

4 May

I love that when I go to close the hens in their house for the night where they are already  inside…they hear me approach and make these soft worried sounds, like, “Oooooooo…uh-oh….Who is this now? I hope she means us no harm because there is nothing we can do in here…”

I also love that if you want something that a chicken doesn’t want, just wait until it is sleepy, and it can’t resist at all – poor thing. You can just pluck it right off its roost.

My neighbour gave me her 10 unwanted roosters. We threw them into feed sacks and I took them home in my honda civic. I guess we’re eating rooster all next week.

I can pet them (just to get them used to being touched, for when I need to wrangle them), but only against their will.


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