Beard Madness

21 Dec

There is a particular mental illness that men are susceptable to and i call it beard madness. When a man is used to shaving his face, and he doesn´t shave for one day, it usually doesn´t look so bad, but he feels dirty and itchy and knows he´s been lazy. The next day he really feels this way, and as long as he shaves, he continues to be sane. But either on the third or fourth day, the illness sets in. This is when the stubble starts to look particularly greasy and mangy. You can see each individual hair, which is really repulsive. On this day the beard starts to affect the man´s brain chemistry. He will stroke is face in thought while saying, ¨I think I might grow a beard…¨ Things only go downhill from here. In another day, beard madness often results in a physical sickness like a cold, or a mental sickness like sweatpants and a stained tshirt and refusing to leave the house (i.e. depression). The only cure to beard madness is a razor, which seems simple, but convincing the victim to help himself is the biggest obstical. Outlook improves immediately.


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