24 Sep

“I want to know what time it is.”

“Well, let’s see, we set the clock by the radio at midnight last night. We know that it gains 35 minutes every hour. It says 7:30pm right now but we know that’s not right because it’s not dark enough yet. O.K., that’s 7 and one half hours. 7 times 35 minutes, that’s 245 minutes. One half of 35 is 17 and one half. That gives us 252 and one half minutes. O.K. That’s 4 hours and 42 and one half minutes we owe them so we set the clock back to 5:47. That’s it 5:47. It’s dinner time and we don’t have anything to eat.”

“Let’s open another jug of wine,” said Jan.


Charles Bukowski


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