18 Sep

I know. These are particularly tricky ones. Before committing to using one, I have to think it out fully for a minute or two. It has popped up several times in various places during my reading today, so I thought I would bring it up.

Effect – as a noun, means a result of an action

– as a verb, means to cause something to happen (create a result)

e.g. She effectively changed the tire. (adverb) The book had an inspiring effect on me. (noun)

Affect – as a noun, means a feeling or emotion

– as a verb, means to have an effect on

e.g. Don’t let my tears affect your decision. (verb)

Using affect as a noun is the hardest of all, I think. So much so that I couldn’t put together an example – mostly because the use of the word is so far away from a way I am comfortable speaking. If you asked my intellectual boyfriend, he would have no trouble rhyming off a few uses of the noun – but he’s not here.

Even though I am the one to bring it up, I don’t think I know all about it. I am trying to work out my own confusion. If you think I am wrong here, comment.


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