If it’s brown…

9 Aug

I moved into a hippie house once. Well, they didn’t look like hippies, really, and they were highly functional in most ways, but they were eco-concious to the point of hoarding (keeping your junk in your house doesn’t make it cease to exist in the picture of environmental overload). And the toilet was never flushed. It was way beyond the point of “If it’s yellow, let it mellow,” because brown didn’t seem to warrant flushing down either! The house smelled like it housed a toilet-training toddler, even though it was all adults. I am all about water preservation, but my philosophy has nothing to do with colour – it’s rather, “If it’s not gross, don’t worry about it.” That means that when enough pees build up that you can smell it, it’s time to flush, but even one pee can be flushable. If it smells, down it goes. Not to mention that if colour is your marker, some people’s pee is  brown (drink more water!!). And if you want to save water, build an outhouse. The concept of an outhouse is that you keep it out of your house, and you don’t have to live in a sodden pee-stink (or worse, apparently!). Yet another issue with a toilet that never gets flushed is that there seems no obvious time to clean it. Thus, I had to buy a pumice stone on a stick to get the stains out of that sucker. Never again, hippies.


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